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Brego is an Off Track Thoroughbred.  His real name was Roberto's Show and he won 175,000 in his career at Hollywood Park, Santa Anita and Del Mar.  

He is a first cousin to the famous Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro.

We got him at the age of 6, only one year after he was "repurposed" as a trail horse, and what a great trail horse he has been!

I remember how scared he was when he first came to live with us, hanging out around the edge of the pasture and running away from the other horses when they tried to approach him.  That night, I did a little neck scratch at his withers and that seemed to calm him down and seemed to be the turning point for him.

20150807_190641.Brego - Copy.jpg
2005 241 - Copy.jpg
2005 250 - Copy.jpg
2005 252 - Copy.jpg
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