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Benefitting the Western Trails Horse Retirement Irrevocable Trust Fund

Trail Rides
Pony Parties

Ride a Horse, Feed a Horse

For a small donation toward feed, or hoof care or health care, you can not only help feed these innocent victims of the covid pandemic  who had been supporting themselves and had their livelihoods yanked out from under them (they were never offered unemployment benefits), but donors are also welcome to go for a nice 2-hour ride on a beautiful trail in the Kalispell area.  The horses want to get out and do rides.  They are bored.

We can take down to 8 year olds and up to 280 lbs.  We have amazing draft horses for larger than 220 lbs, or if you just want to ride a draft horse for fun.

To donate/ride, please email
or call 406-317-3456

And yes, we do rides in the winter. 
Even in the snow.  We LOVE winter.

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